PPI Claims Glasgow
PPI Claim Glasgow

PPI Glasgow FAQs

How much of a fee do I pay?

None, PPI Glasgow operates on a no win - no fee basis.

How much will i receive back from my claim?

The claim will be determined by a number of factors, for example:

  • How much you borrowed
  • When the money was borrowed
  • Who the money was borrowed from

I don’t have the original paperwork. Can I still make a claim?


How long will it take to settle my claim?

The Financial Ombudsman gives most Lenders eight weeks to make an PPI offer or decline the case.

Please contact PPI Glasgow today to reclaim your PPI: we're the first call for all Glasgow PPI Claims. We are one of Glasgow's most successful and hardest working PPI companies. We also cover the whole of Greater Glasgow.

PPI Glasgow

In excess of 20 million UK citizens have been mis-sold payment protection insurance and are eligible to reclaim their money. PPI Glasgow are here to help all Glaswegians.

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