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PPI Success Stories – and what they’ve spent the money on!

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was mis-sold to thousands of customer on a variety of financial products, over several years. Whilst on one hand, you could argue that a large PPI compensation payout simply places families and customer back to where they were in terms of financial aspects, people are seeing their PPI settlement cheques as windfalls – and are treating them as such!

So, what does this mean?

It means that families are receiving lump sums of cash and are choosing to invest and/or spend it on a variety of items and activities. But what are people spending their PPI compensation on?


It is estimated that private car sales have increased by nearly 33% and new vehicle purchases have increased by 15%; some financial commentators have attributed some of this increase in sales to the PPI monies some people are receiving. With the average pay out around £3,000, a new car is a possibility.

One customer, a single mum received a whopping £15,000 in compensation and for the first time was in a position to not only pay off debts but also was left a sum of money which she used to purchase her first car.

Holidays of a lifetime

Many families are choosing to take the holiday they had always dreamed of and for some families, this has included visits to Disneyland resorts, a holiday they would not have been able to afford without a PPI windfall. One customer, who received £3,000 PPI compensation from her credit card company and immediately booked the trip!

Home improvements

Even with smaller PPI compensation pay outs, customers are still finding that they can use some of this money for small, but significant home improvements. One customer, awarded £1,800 fond that instead of buying second hand goods for her kitchen, she was able to replace them with the goods from the range that she wanted, proving that even small pay outs can go a long way.

However, some customers are fortunate enough to have secured larger PPI compensation pay outs and have used the money on home improvements – adding significant value to their home as a result.

Life events

We all experience at some point in our lives, major events that take time, energy and money. Research has shown that many couples have seized the opportunity of a PPI compensation windfall and taken the plunge; getting married at the venue that they always dreamt of, but didn’t think could afford.

Making a PPI complaint is straightforward and you too, could soon be enjoying a PPI pay out that means you could be enjoying a great holiday in the sun or home improvements you had always dreamed of. If you feel you need help or would benefit from using a claims management company like PPI Glasgow, then contact us for further information on our great service.

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In excess of 20 million UK citizens have been mis-sold payment protection insurance and are eligible to reclaim their money. PPI Glasgow are here to help all Glaswegians.

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