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PPI Glasgow can help you make a Claim Back PPI in Glasgow.

We can help you reclaim on loans, credit cards and mortgages.

PPI – exercise your consumer rights

Payment protection insurance – commonly seen across the Internet and newspaper articles as PPI – is a financial product that will be forever linked with the biggest mis-selling scandal ever to have rocked the UK financial industry.

The Financial Services Authority – now known as the Financial Conduct Authority – revealed that £439 million in compensation had already been out to customers of all the large UK banks by January 2013 with a significant rise in the amount paid out in December 2012.

From January 2011 until January 2013, the total amount paid out in PPI compensation to a huge £8.9 billion. The final estimated PPI bill is expected to be in the region of £15 billion.

Within the UK, 24 financial firms are responsible for 96% of the claims with a variety of banks finding they have had to add considerable amounts of money to their PPI compensation pots – the Royal Bank of Scotland, for example, has added a reported £450million while Barclays has added a further £600million to its PPI compensation fund.

And why are banks adding funds to their compensation pots? Because customers are exercising their rights and asking for their money back!

PPI was mis-sold for a variety of reasons such as not being suitable for some groups of people. People who were self-employed or retired at the time they were sold PPI would not have been able to make a claim as they were not employed - according to the definition of the policy terms and conditions.

And some of these terms and conditions also present many mis-selling issues – significant exclusions, such as pre-existing medical conditions were not fully explained to some customers and so when some customers thought they were covered, they were not.

Make sure you exercise your consumer rights

PPI was mis-sold on a large number of products to thousands of customers. If you have had a loan, credit card, mortgage or any combination of any of these products and live in Scotland, contact PPI Glasgow.

As a claims management company specialising in PPI compensation claims, we have helped hundreds of Scottish customers exercising their consumer rights – mis-selling of a financial product such as PPI is now being compensated and you have PPI on any of your loans etc, the chances are that you have been mis-sold the policy. However, there needs to be proof of mis-selling, a factor that PPI Glasgow can help you with.

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In excess of 20 million UK citizens have been mis-sold payment protection insurance and are eligible to reclaim their money. PPI Glasgow are here to help all Glaswegians.

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