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One of our claims specialists will assess within minutes if you have a successful claim.

Once we have assessed your claim we will only ask you to sign a few documents. This is so we can start your case and recover YOUR money.

Sit back and let us do the rest. Let our specialist team fight your case. On average we can have your claim settled within 8 weeks.

Welcome to PPI Glasgow

PPI Glasgow stopped taking new PPI Claims on the 16th of July 2019.

This was a result of the high number of claims that were received in the run up to the PPI Deadline on the 29th of August 2019.

Please contact us via the normal channels to discuss existing claims.

PPI Glasgow is a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim company based in Glasgow and serving the Greater Glasgow Area.

In the last decade, if you have taken out a credit card, loan, mortgage or store card you may have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insarance (PPI). If this is the case, you may be due a PPI refund..

Claim Back Your Mis-sold PPI

We are an open and honest PPI reclaim company. The company aims to help clients reclaim their mis-sold PPI from the banks and main lenders.

The company's staff are all experienced in the world of finance and are waiting to help you make your PPI complaint. As the company works on a No Win No Fee basis - you have nothing to lose.

  • We can help even if you have lost your initial financial documents.
  • We can help if you have made a claim on the policy
  • We can help if you have repaid your loan or credit card.

Contact Us and Start Your PPI Claim

Contact us today to start reclaiming your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI): we're the number one company in Scotland for PPI Claims.

The Company is part of the Payment Protection Scotland group of companies.

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